Monday, February 1, 2010

The Saints VS The Colts Handbag Etsy Finds

What a way to show your team spirit with these handbags. The same seller makes them. She has more teams also. I am finding some really talented sellers!! The ribbon on these bag adds so much to it. I love that they have a magnetic snap closure. I hope you are enjoying my Saints and Colts Etsy finds. I am having fun and finding really nice items!! Check out more of this sellers purses HERE


  1. Cool! Football fans would surely love these handbags!
    My sister loves Calgary fashion designers’ handbags but this would surely attract the market, especially if Kim Kardashian would be seen wearing one cheering for the Saints. Lol. Handbag trends fashion (Calgary) do not run down because they all keep on coming back every year. Wearing handbags does not need to be what’s in, as long as it matches the occasion and your dress, and then it is fine.