Thursday, January 14, 2010

When a classmate passes away

My nine year old son just lost a classmate. This was the sweetest little boy!! My prayers go out for his family. These are some of the things my son has said.

He is crying on the inside.

He doesn't understand why God would take him so young

If he didn't die he would be at school tomorrow.

He will never get married.

He thinks it is so sad but knows he can't come back.

He knows dying is a part of life.

He wants to go to his funeral because he was his friend.

It is getting a little better as the days go by. It is just so hard to watch him go through this. He is still so young and trying to be grown up about it.

I just want to ask to keep this little boys family and friends in your prayers. Thanks!!

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  1. It's a difficult moment for him. The most important thing is talk and pray with him for his friend.