Monday, November 9, 2009

All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!

This letter my nine year old son wrote to a veteran made me cry. I had to share it with you guys!! He also wrote one very similar to my step dad. Wow!!!!

Dear Veteran,

You help us by giving us freedom.You leave your families even when you don't want to. You help our great, amazing, and wonderful nation. You left so much fun. You left your children who probably were sad.

Without you there would be no freedom. We also would be under English rule. We would have danger at every block. There would be so many people dieing. We would have very few types of jobs.

Thank you for being brave for us. Thank you for being so very strong. Thank you for risking your lives for us. Thank you for serving our great country.

C. D.


  1. I need to say, Wow, he wrote a beautiful letter and you say he only have 9 years old. Wow!!!

  2. Thanks!! Yes he is nine. He is very smart and really to himself. So when he does something like this it is so awesome to me. :)